Keeping pace with Web 2.0


Over in Australia Lee Hopkins is feeling the frustration of leading adoption of Web 2.0 tools amongst his clients.

His post highlights the frustration that many early adopter marketing and PR professionals feel when we work with mass market players.

I remember a few years back working on website projects, trying to convince clients and prove the value of having a site, and driving interactivity throughout their businesses.

Nowadays websites are the norm, but Web 2.0 is the new kid on the block. The consultant’s challenge is to understand how to integrate Web 2.0 into the everyday marketing and PR mix.

It’s all very well knowing understanding the latest trends, but the real value of this insight is knowing how to apply it to what communicating organisations are doing right now.

Sometimes this means a big foray into Web 2.0. Sometimes it means a toe in the water.

One thing’s certain though. In a few years time we’ll be writing the same thing about Web 2.0 being commonplace, and there’ll be a new wave to surf.

Whatever happens, it’s always an enjoyable ride though.