CEOs and leaders

Helping CEOs and leaders grow businesses

As a CEO or senior leader in a scaling business there’s a lot going on. Getting the balance right between investing in foundations for growth alongside delivering business as usual growth is hard. It can feel chaotic and the demands can feel overwhelming.

You need teams and systems to be built at pace. Decision-making needs to be distributed widely. More people means more co-ordination and communication, while avoiding complexity that can be a drag on growth.

As a senior leader specialising in working with CEOs and leadership teams in tech-centric growth businesses, I understand the unique demands you face and how to bring clarity and coherence to scaling businesses.

Benefits for CEOs and leaders

By working with me as a fractional COO, consultant or advisor you’ll benefit from:

Expertise from multiple scale-up businesses

Objectivity to help you see your business clearly

Flexibility so you get just the help you need

Cost-effectiveness compared to a full-time COO hire

Scalability for teams, systems and processes

Capacity to deliver more as a leadership team

Access to my extensive network to help your business

I help with CEOs and leaders with things like…

Vision, values and behaviours for scaling

Growth roadmaps and strategies

Operating models

Implementing systems and processes

Decision-making and governance

Leadership succession

Buy-side M&A strategy and execution

Developing and nurturing culture

Value proposition development

Organisational design for growth

Identifying & resolving growth blockers

Board relationships & effectiveness

Leadership team performance

Sell-side M&A strategy & due diligence

Leading a growth business?

It’s a simple yet powerful framework for company building, giving you everything you need to know build a brilliant business.

Find out more about the B3 framework®

I write an email newsletter

I write a newsletter for founders and CEOs called Build. It features insights, techniques & thinking for those navigating the ups-and-downs of the scaling journey and developing their own leadership.