Who I work with

Collaborative and supportive work together

I specialise in working with business founders, leaders and investors in tech-centric growth businesses. This focus reflects my experience and deep understanding of the differing needs and priorities of these three groups.

My work really matters to me, so who I work with is really important to me too.

I deliver best when I have an open, supportive and honest relationship with the clients I’m working with. Chemistry matters to me as much as it does to you.

Alignment is important too. Being confident that I understand your real goals for our work together is something I check on early in every engagement.


Founders have a unique relationship with the business they created.

I help founders understand what it takes to deliver growth, an exit and their personal goals in business.

I provide an impartial and experienced perspective to help them see and navigate the diverse challenges founders face, as well as being someone to turn to for support and advice whenever it’s needed.

CEOs and leaders

Leadership in growth businesses is tough and relentless.

Balancing growth ambitions, operational realities and wider environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) impacts is key to building a sustainable business.

I help new and established leaders in growth businesses through coaching, mentoring, consultancy projects and joining as a fractional leader.


I work with individual, venture capital and private equity investors.

This work includes buy-side M&A consultancy, due diligence engagements, growth coaching and facilitating founder/leader succession and transition.

I also deliver operational maturity assessments and improvement programmes to optimise for growth and return on investment.


Working with Extra Brain – a network of likeminded senior consultants working across agencies, service and product businesses to help leaders progress their growth, operational and change projects.

Delivering the 2Y3X® two-year acceleration programme. Participants range from ambitious scale-ups to market leaders: agencies, tech startups and VC-backed companies from £1.5 to £10million revenue.

UK partner for the Scale Together Accelerator – a 10-month programme for scale-ups innovating solutions related to the climate crisis, sustainability, regeneration or the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

I write an email newsletter

I write a newsletter for founders and CEOs called Build. It features insights, techniques & thinking for those navigating the ups-and-downs of the scaling journey and developing their own leadership.