What I do

I provide interim leadership for growth businesses.

I help founders, investors and exec teams create businesses that combine transformative growth with increasingly regenerative and distributive practices.

Since 1998 I’ve held leadership roles spanning delivery, operations, strategy, commercial, marketing, growth and change. I’ve sold two technology-centric businesses and been involved in the acquisitions of many more.

I’ve worked in and with plenty of different kinds of businesses. Some of them were amazing. And some really sucked. I know that with progressive thinking and an open mind, things could be so much better in business.

Growth focussed

Building a thriving business means more than just hitting financial growth targets.

It’s about deliberately putting in the foundations for scaling a human-centric organisation that can evolve and thrive as the business grows.

Impact conscious

Environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) considerations are at the heart of today’s businesses.

Businesses need to consider impact for people working in their organisation, their customers, the environment, their communities as well as their shareholders.

Progressive and human-centric

My practice is strongly grounded in progressive organisational thinking and techniques.

Sustainable growth comes from creating the right conditions for people to consistently do their best work.

Building capability

I believe in helping teams and businesses grow their own capability through our work together.

By doing this I can have greater impact as an interim CEO, interim COO or consultant, helping more people develop and run brilliant businesses.

I write an email newsletter

I write a newsletter for founders and CEOs called Build. It features insights, techniques & thinking for those navigating the ups-and-downs of the scaling journey and developing their own leadership.