Helping founders of climate innovation companies scale faster

Scale-up strategies for the climate crisis.

BASE Associates Scale Together Accelerator is a unique scaling programme for founders and founding teams of early-stage companies innovating solutions to solve the climate crisis.

It’s designed for climate-focussed scale-up businesses wanting to grow a healthy organisational culture based on freedom and responsibility.

I work with BASE Associates as the UK delivery partner for the accelerator.

What is the Scale Together Accelerator?

The Scale Together Accelerator is a comprehensive 10-month programme designed to help early-stage companies build the foundational building blocks essential for fast, healthy growth.

It’s delivered by an international team of experts that actively leans in to ensure your team doesn’t getting bogged down. We help you be bold, brave and intentional in choosing ways of working that match your values and build a thriving business.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is exclusively designed for businesses innovating solutions related to the climate crisis, sustainability, regeneration or the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Businesses who’ll get the most out of the programme are typically early-stage companies looking to scale with between 5 and 40 team members. We work with ambitious entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and investors in innovative climate businesses.

Help reduce the chaos and overcome the overwhelm.

Frustrated and burnt out?
“Being the single point of accountability and decision-making in this business is exhausting and stressful. I need others to step up and share this responsibility with me.”

Ineffective team or poor business results?
“I am doing all I know how to, running this business to the best of my ability . . . and it’s not going as well as it needs to. I need help.”

A sense of urgency?
“The world urgently needs what our team has to offer. We need help moving faster so we can have a bigger impact.”

Lacking joy?
“The way we’ve been working feels rotten. It is not fun, inspiring or meaningful. There must be a better way. I want to enjoy my work and feel fulfilled.”

“Your work and dedication has helped us scale fast and find our way. The BASE team and your Scale Together Accelerator program are a huge part of our successful growth over the past year. Thank you for jumping in, steering things and helping to lay a foundation we can build on.”

Laura Zizzo
Founder & CEO, Manifest Climate

“BASE’s support has been invaluable in the evolution of ET Group. The team is trustworthy, compassionate, insightful and highly effective. They believe in the uniqueness of each team and the importance of manifesting a worthwhile purpose through an organization. This alone makes them a gem for early stage companies looking to have a meaningful impact in this world.”

Dirk Propfe
CEO, ET Group

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