Designing your leadership team for scaling

“What’s the right structure for my leadership team?”

This is one of the most common challenges founders face as they work out how to scale their businesses.

Founders often struggle with:

  • Seeing what leadership challenges are ahead
  • Knowing when to bring in specialist roles
  • Understanding who’s right for the next stage
  • Being too close to the current business
  • Separating their personal ambitions from the needs of the business

Leadership team design workshop

A half-day collaborative workshop for founders to design your next leadership team for growth.

Using my unique team design method, I help you understand what functions are right for your leadership team and how to balance specialist and generalist roles.

You’ll get a clear leadership design with full accountability based job scorecards ready for recruitment or discussions with existing leaders.

Delivered on-site or remotely for £5000 (excluding VAT).

Founders love working with me

“Simon is a serious company builder. He knows how to take a founder’s vision for their business and make it real step by step.

He’s got a collaborative and thoughtful approach to leading teams and getting things done.

If you want a trusted partner in scaling your business, work with Simon.”

Tim Deeson, serial founder & advisor to early stage start-ups

“Simon has an outstanding skill set and extensive experience in technology, business operations and management. He is easy to work with and can effectively draw on his skills and experience to help solve problems with calm authority and creativity. I highly recommend Simon to anyone looking for efficient, energetic and effective support.”

Neil Benson, serial biotech founder at Xenologiq, Quantlmed & Sevenless Therapeutics

“Simon has often been my go to person to talk to about gnarly problems in technology businesses.

We’ve often brainstormed ideas around operating models and structures. I

f you need help with leadership, business models, or people challenges, you’ll be in very safe hands.”

Stuart Arthur, CTO, CIO & Founder

I’m Simon Wakeman, a consultant COO working with scaling businesses. For over 25 years, I’ve worked with technology centric businesses that are changing and growing.

I’ve worked with small and medium sized businesses with 15 to 700 employees. I help growing businesses scale their operations and build high performing leadership teams.

I’m passionate about organisational design that generates commercial results. My work is strongly grounded in progressive organisational thinking and a desire to create the right conditions for people to consistently do their best work.