Guessing the price of websites


Over on the Deeson blog I’ve been writing about agencies writing proposals for client websites.

Having been back agency-side for almost two and a half years now, it’s fascinating to see how many of the norms of the digital agency business remain unchanged from almost ten years ago – including the fixed scope, fixed price website proposal.

In my post on the Deeson blog I talk about why this is a bad idea for both agencies and clients. But I also know that for many agencies there’s no choice but to enter into the guessing game that fixed price/scope tenders really are – that’s a commercial reality as fixed price/scope is the norm for our industry.

So if you want to learn why I’m so convinced about the inadequacy of this way of delivering client-agency digital projects, check out these two links:

  1. The iron triangle of project management
  2. Why fixed price and fixed scope proposals are a bad thing