Every business is a digital business

Every business is a digital business

Here’s an interesting (and quite long) piece of thinking from Accenture on the relationship between digital and business.
The overall argument that’s put forward is:

Becoming a digital business is no longer simply about how we incorporate technology into our organizations; it’s about how we use technology to reinvent those organizations to get out in front of the dramatic changes that technology is creating.

You can download the full report here.
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They pick out six trends worth noting in this space, namely:

  1. Digital–physical blur: Extending intelligence to the edge
  2. From workforce to crowdsource: The rise of the borderless enterprise
  3. Data supply chain: Putting information into circulation
  4. Harnessing hyperscale: Hardware is back (and never really went away)
  5. The business of applications: Software as a core competency in a digital world
  6. Architecting resilience: “Built to survive failure” becomes the mantra of the nonstop business

The section on the digital-physical  blur and the rapid growth of edge-enabled devices particularly caught my eye.
It’s this space that is likely to yield the greatest innovation in the business to consumer marketplace as the “internet of things” moves beyond the early adopter phase.
The technology will create the opportunities for new user experiences with digital in contexts that simply wouldn’t have existed previously – and that’s an exciting space to be experimenting and innovating in.


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