Review: Compact Innergie PocketCellT


This month things have been pretty busy on the work front. That means plenty of long hours in the office, late evenings on the laptop and a few trips out including running a course in Glasgow.

When I’m travelling I rely on my technology kit to work on, to entertain me and to keep in touch. On longer trips that means that the batteries can take a bit of a hammering, particularly on my HTC Sensation.

On a typical day the battery will last easily through the day. But if I’m using a lot of screen time, GPS or particularly if I’m somewhere with patchy reception, it’s surprising how by the end of the day I find myself shutting down apps and turning off the backlight completely to get the most out of a dwindling battery.

I’d been thinking about getting a mobile power pack to carry with me for these occasions when the guys from Innergie sent me one of their new Compact Innergie PocketCellT’s to try out.

Having road tested it for a few weeks I’m very impressed. It’s a tiny bit of kit – just 10 cm long, 3 cm wide and weighing less than 72g – easy to carry in a jacket pocket when I don’t have a briefcase or rucsac with me.

It takes a charge from a USB connection, which means you can charge it up from a laptop USB port or a USB-based charger like most mobile phone chargers. It comes with a neat little multi-device connector which means you can charge virtually any mobile phone, iPhone, iPod, Kindle or tablet easily. The indicator lights on the side show you how much charge is left in it which is a handy feature that not power packs have.

For the techies amongst you it’s a 3000 mAh device, which for most of us means in practice you’ll get four or five hours extra life on a tablet or up to fifteen hours on an average smartphone. The full spec is here.

The PocketCellT retails for £79.99 although with a bit of online shopping you’ll easily find it a bit cheaper than that.

Disclosure: Free trial device supplied for review purposes