Thanks to the impending demise of the Google-owned Feedburner service I’ve had to move my RSS feeds to a new home.
For those of you that read my blog via email, there’s no need to do anything as I’ve migrated over to the excellent Feedblitz service (thanks to a useful blog post from Neville). You should be seeing some improvements in the appearance and functionality of the emails as I start playing with the new options that Feedblitz gives me.
If you read my blog using RSS then you’ll need to make sure that you add a new RSS feed to your subscriptions – from now on please make sure you use:
While the old Feedburner feeds still work ( and, they won’t be working for much longer, so please subscribe to the new feed now to make sure you keep in touch with my blog.
Or if you’d prefer to receive my posts by email you can subscribe for free at If you’re already an email subscriber you don’t need to do anything as your subscription will remain active.