What do senior managers want to know about social media?

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I’m putting together a new course about social media in the public sector.

This time I’m focussing on senior managers, heads of service, assistant directors in the public sector – and creating a unique course that gives this audience what they need to know about social media from one day spent out of the office.

I’ve been running practical courses on social media for some time now – focussing on the more hands-on aspects of social media that communications and engagement practitioners want to know about (in fact there’s one coming up in December in Leeds if that’s what you’re looking for).

Getting the content right for the senior audience is a challenge – I’ve got a few ideas based on discussions I’ve had with many senior managers, but I thought it would be a good idea to get some ideas from the community…so if you’re a senior public sector manager what would you want to get out of a one-day social media course with ongoing coaching/support?

And if you’d like to send your boss on the course, what do you think they need to know about?

Let me know in the comments below, drop me an email (simon@simonwakeman.com) or find me on Twitter.

5 Comments on “What do senior managers want to know about social media?”

  1. Simon,

    There’s stuff they want to know, and stuff they need to know – many of them, at least.

    They want to know basically how it works. Not from the point of view of marketing and broadcast (because their Comms people ought already to have that cracked), but in terms of engagement and feedback. They will want to know whether it’s reliable as a litmus test, and want to know things like the investment needed in it to do it properly (human and time as well as financial).

    They need to know that they will neither own nor control it, and that it can be expected to bite from time to time. They need to know what distinguishes a good social media policy from a bad one, and why social media policies differ from many other policy documents they might already understand.

    It’s my experience that many senior managers already “get” this stuff. It’s the next tier down, nose hard to the grindstone, that often doesn’t. Therefore, senior managers need to know how to enthuse and inspire their direct reports about social media, and ask the questions like “How do we make this part of best practice?” rather than “Do we really have a use for this?”


  2. I’d like to +1 Tom’s observations above. I’ve been actively engaged in trying to move forward Social Media in a fairly large public organisation for over a year and most of the blockages are near but not at the top of the organisation. I know this because I’ve personally spoken to the CEO.

    1. thanks – that’s useful to hear. I’ve received similar feedback from several people by email, so there’s a theme emerging there that’s worth exploring further

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