The Public Relations Handbook – out now

The Public Relations Handbook – out now

Earlier in the week a copy of the hot-off-the-press fourth edition of The Public Relations Handbook popped through our letterbox.
According to the publisher, it is:

a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the theories and practices of the public relations industry. It traces the history and development of public relations, explores ethical issues which affect the industry, examines its relationship with politics, lobbying organizations and journalism, assesses its professionalism and regulation and advises on training and entry into the profession.
The book combines theoretical and organizational frameworks for studying public relations with examples of how the industry works in practice. It draws on a range of promotional strategies and campaigns from businesses, public and non-profit organizations including the AA, Airbus, BT, Northamptonshire County Council, Cuprinol and Action for Children.

I wrote the public sector PR chapter in the book so I’m particularly chuffed to see my work in print alongside many other authors who, not that long ago, I was reading as a PR student.
I should thank Northamptonshire County Council and Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council in particular for their help with preparing the case studies in my chapter.


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