Social media training courses

Social media training courses

I’m running two more “social media for public sector communicators” one-day courses later this year, building on the success of the first course I ran in Birmingham last November.
The courses, managed by Public Sector Forums and led by yours truly, will take place at City Hall, Cardiff on 24 February 2010 and at Manchester Digital Development Agency ,Manchester on 12 March 2010. For more information and booking details click here for Cardiff and here for Manchester.
Here’s info on the course, agenda and what some of the delegates last time said about their experience:
Workshop aims

  • Targeted at those working in public sector communications or engagement
  • Will help those that know you need to start using social media at work but don’t know where to start
  • Will help delegates learn from the experience of councils and other public sector organisations that are already using social media
  • Will help delegates to convince others in your organisation why social media is important.

The workshop will:

  • Provide an overview of social media in the UK today
  • Explore the different social media tools and how they can be used in public sector communications and engagement
  • Provide a practical introduction to how to introduce social media into the public sector communications mix
  • Discuss real examples of social media in action in the public sector – good and bad practice
  • Give delegates the knowledge and skills to start using social media in public sector communications and engagement.

Course agenda:

Social media – the basics

  • What is social media?
  • Seven types of social media explained
  • Usage statistics for the UK
  • Why should your organisation care?

Using Facebook in communications and engagement

  • Profiles, pages and groups
  • Enhancing your presence – apps, content and updates
  • Promoting your Facebook presence – growing your network
  • Examples of Facebook in action in the public sector – good and bad
  • What can the public sector learn from private sector use of Facebook?

Using Twitter in communications and engagement

  • What roles can Twitter play in communications and engagement?
  • Harnessing the power of Twitter to reach new audiences
  • Getting the right content for Twitter – achieving shareability
  • Integrating Twitter into the communications mix
  • Understanding Twitter: hashtags, retweets and the rest
  • Developing the conversation – follow etiquette on Twitter
  • Attracting followers to grow your Twitter audience
  • Examples of Twitter in action in the public sector – good and bad
  • What can the public sector learn from private sector use of Twitter?

Social media relations – dealing with coverage on social media

  • What is social media relations?
  • Effective online monitoring
  • The local online audit
  • What to monitor and how
  • Should you respond if someone says something bad about you?
  • How you can respond to social media coverage of your organisation

Writing a social media strategy

  • Components of a good social media strategy
  • Gaining buy-in – the case for and against social media
  • Implementing social media in communications and engagement
  • Tackling the issue of blocked access to social media at work
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of social media

Feedback from previous delegates

This was an exceptional workshop/seminar – perfect for my needs. For a while I have wanted to get a comprehensive understanding of all the relevant social media options and how they could work for an organisation such as ours. I, like many others, simply don’t have the time to research this area properly. This seminar meant that I could get to grips with everything in one day. The agenda was well thought out and the seminar delivery by Simon Wakeman was excellent. It was also very reasonably priced compared to others I have seen! Definitely ten out of ten. A very productive day.
Kam Mistry, Principal Marketing Officer (Corporate), Stroud DC – Attended Birmingham Workshop Nov09

“Very good, everything explained clearly and lots of good examples.

“Really good insight and covered stuff I hadn’t thought of looking into including Monitor”

“Very thorough. Started from the beginning on each topic + offered useful personal experiences + insights to demonstrate the point”

“Excellent – very engaging”

“Very good, useful content, well presented”

“Well put together and well presented”

“Excellent information, evaluations, content & presentation”

“Great, useful tips on monitoring, provided examples. Showed good/bad sites”

“A really informative day. Relevant interesting content. Given me a load of insight to inform my work & development of our SM policy”


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