Moving on up


I’ve just realised I hadn’t got around to posting here about my new job, despite telling people a bit about it earlier this month on Twitter and Facebook.

Until recently I headed up the marketing, web and graphic design teams at Medway Council – leading all the council’s marketing programmes being delivered by the newly formed centralised marketing team.

However I’m now taking on the new role of Head of Communications and Marketing at Medway. This broader role encompasses my previous responsibilities on the marketing side of the team, plus the responsibilities of my current manager who’s retiring from the role of Head of Communications in 2010.

I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to develop my career further at Medway, and have to thank my manager from whom I’ve learnt a lot over the past few years since joining the council. It’s certainly an interesting time to take on and shape a new job.

I’m looking forward to really getting stuck into planning and delivering some exciting strategic communications initiatives as well as improving our planning and evaluation of communications campaigns. We’ll still be carrying on with our use of social media but will continue to only social media tools where they’re appropriate for the communications objectives we have – that certainly won’t be changing.

More broadly, the inevitable squeeze on public sector budgets in the coming years mean communicators need to be able to justify the difference their activities have made.

That means campaigns with clear objectives that support the organisation’s goals – integrated with the “golden thread“. And it also means making sure we can evaluate the effectiveness of those communications, both to inform future campaign planning as well as demonstrate the value of communications in the public sector.

Anyway, more about that in future posts I expect as the new role starts to really take shape.