Help a PR student with his diploma research

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PR student Kevin Baker from the Environment Agency is looking for public sector communicators to complete a short online survey.

The survey is for his CIPR Diploma research project looking at ‘How Public Sector organisations are using social networks to engage with their stakeholders’.

The survey is at

It only takes a few minutes and I know Kevin would appreciate any public sector communicators taking the time to help him out.

4 Comments on “Help a PR student with his diploma research”

  1. OO the mayor of Southwark has a twitter and I know that local politicans and activists use facebook a great deal to mobilise people to phenominal success – I was invovlved in one.

    Are you looking specifically at the Officers or are you interested in politicans too – maybe police and community grousp – please let me know and we can send on link as we have a number of contacts in these arenas.

    Thanks Carl for the link


  2. Hi Caroline – thanks for the comment.

    I think Kevin’s not looking at political campaigning, but would be interested in council officers, civil servants and communicators in other public service roles.

    I’m sure he’d grateful for any additional people you can find to complete his survey!

  3. Hi Simon & Caroline,

    Thanks for all your help, the visits and hits have increased as a result.
    Simon’s right I’m not looking at political campaigning (although that will make an interesting study) any communicators from the public sector completing the survey will help.

    Best wishes,

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