LGC on social media – "Now tweet this…"


There’s an interesting piece in this week’s Local Government Chronicle (LGC) about social media and councils.

I’m not saying that because I’m quoted in it, but because it’s a decent look at a number of different people’s perspectives on the topic.

The piece also references the LGiU‘s excellent paper on social media in councils: Local Government 3.0 – which is well worth a read in itself.

One of the key things I’d pick out of the LGC piece is that social media is only part of a communications strategy – it’s not a communications strategy in itself. How appropriate social media is compared to other tools depends on the campaign objectives, target audiences, key messages and a whole lot more.

But equally it’s a tool that needs to be considered for use in all communications strategies by councils – and at the moment that’s not something that’s happening as much as it should.