LGC on social media – "Now tweet this…"

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There’s an interesting piece in this week’s Local Government Chronicle (LGC) about social media and councils.

I’m not saying that because I’m quoted in it, but because it’s a decent look at a number of different people’s perspectives on the topic.

The piece also references the LGiU‘s excellent paper on social media in councils: Local Government 3.0 – which is well worth a read in itself.

One of the key things I’d pick out of the LGC piece is that social media is only part of a communications strategy – it’s not a communications strategy in itself. How appropriate social media is compared to other tools depends on the campaign objectives, target audiences, key messages and a whole lot more.

But equally it’s a tool that needs to be considered for use in all communications strategies by councils – and at the moment that’s not something that’s happening as much as it should.

2 Comments on “LGC on social media – "Now tweet this…"”

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