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  3. I attended the Website Take-Up and Social Media event along with members of the Web Team from Bracknell Forest Council. We all agreed that your talk was the most interesting and useful and we will certainly be taking away your suggestions to help improve our current social media offerings. Thanks Simon!

    1. Hi Colin,

      thanks for that – am glad you found the talk useful. good luck with your social media efforts and keep me posted on what you do – as I said in the talk, we can all learn from each other’s experiences


  4. Hi Simon,
    thanks for referencing the DFID consultation (slide 8). It was the first time we’ve done that sort of open online consultation, (thanks to Steph Gray for developing the framework) and we were pleased by the number of people who participated, and the substance or the comments received. We also carried out a series of events around the country where people could meet ministers and debate the isseus face to face.


  5. Hi Julia,
    No problem – used your site as a good example of what can be done for online consultation using open source software/frameworks – getting beyond the “put a pdf on a webpage” approach to online consultation!

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