PR theory and social media

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Having completed the CIPR diploma last year, I’m still a sucker for PR theory.

But there are times when I wonder whether the theory is really in touch with reality, especially as the business of public relations is changing so much at the moment.

So the chart below, produced by David Phillips, was great to see:

Grunig & Grunig vs social media

(click the image to see it full size – easier to read the text on most browsers)

It’s great because it relates a classic PR theory, that most PR students will know inside out, to some of the contemporary practices that are changing public relations right now.

2 Comments on “PR theory and social media”

  1. Not sure if you saw the post that Grunig (the originator of the classic PR theory) was involved with at PR Conversations ( late last year. He addressed a number of questions put to him that included relating social media to his concepts and work.

    Worth reading alongside David’s graphic.

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