Role of social media in local government – project report


A message from Carl Haggerty reminds me that I’ve forgotten to publish my CIPR dissertation that I completed earlier this year.

The dissertation looked at the role of social media in local government in the UK – it included primary research into current social media practices as well as considering the roles that social media could play in the future.

While I’ve blogged about many of the contents of the project, hopefully it’ll be useful to local government communications and web folk as well as CIPR Diploma students to see the full report.

Reading it back a few months on, it’s interesting how my thoughts on some of the conclusions I reached have changed. The project was very focussed on communications, but the role of social media in local government is far wider than just communications. I think I probably underplayed the role of society and organisational culture too, but that’s another post someday soon.

So here it is – you can download the full report using the link below:

CIPR Diploma report – What is the role of social media in local government

Feel free to circulate as you wish – and let me know if you have any comments, questions or thoughts.