Help with public relations dissertations

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One of the most visited recent blog posts I’ve written is about choosing a public relations dissertation topic.

Like Richard Bailey I get a fair amount of email on this topic as well.

If you’re looking for information about this topic, it’s well worth checking out Richard’s post on the topic:

There are plenty of useful pointers on public relations dissertations in the post itself and the comments too.

2 Comments on “Help with public relations dissertations”

  1. Hi Simon

    I found your blog extremely enlightening and useful. I have taken an idea mentioned from one of the comments made which noted how a student created their own blogs to use with their dissertation. I have followed her advice but I am currently in need to get the ball rolling.

    Would you be kind enough to leave a post on my blog and help to get me started on my analysis of ‘new media’.

    I have left a link to your blog on mine mentioning how helpful it was to me so feel free to take a look and leave a comment.

    Many thanks and hope to hear back

  2. Extremely useful and informative article. I wish i can do all of that in a short period of time. But for sure doing those will produce results. I will try to spread your words through my blog and link it back to you. Thanks a lot for those tips.

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