Public sector workers say go social


Huddle has released the findings of its “Social Collaboration and Public Sector” study of 202 local authority managers.

The survey showed social networks like Facebook were blocked in more than half of respondents’ organisations (56%), but there’s still an appetite for using social media in the workplace:

  • 38 per cent of respondents want a government-wide social network
  • 31 per cent would like to set up a social network for their own organisation

The results broadly reflect the findings of my CIPR research which I will publish once it has been assessed and graded. I found a high level of use or desired use of social media in a local government communications context. The research also threw up lack of support or active resistance from ICT departments as a key block to progress of social media in local government.

There’s probably some merit in the enviromental argument that Huddle uses to suggest increased use of social media in local government. However I think the benefits are broader than that – Kent County Council’s work on communities of practice is a good example that shows the breadth of applications of social media.

via Techcrunch UK