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Bit late posting about this, but last Friday I presented at the Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media conference in London.

The day was a broad-ranging canter through social media in a variety of guises. My slot was talking about the use of social media in local government (and other public sector organisations), including some initial findings from my CIPR Diploma and case studies from Medway Council.

Conference image

I enjoyed catching up with fellow speakers and event organisers that I’d met before, including Neville, Andy, Nicky and Stephen, as well as meeting other speakers and delegates for the first time including Kerry Bridge (Dell), Marshall Manson (Edelman) and Meg Pickard (Guardian).

My presentation slides are now available to download from

On stage

Check out a delegate review from Sherrilynne here.

Plans are underway for a similar conference in Manchester later on this year. Watch this space for more information.

3 Comments on “Don't Panic Guide to Social Media – presentation”

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