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Retailer GAP looks like it’s following Threshers’ example from last year, and is circulating a fairly deep price discount voucher by email and the usual other social channels.

In case it’s any use to anyone reading the blog, you’ll find a link to the voucher below:

Check out update below…(link to the 60% voucher removed – definitely fake)


At home our broadband woes continue with intermittent ADSL modem web access only, so blog posts are even less frequent than usual right now.

I’m waiting for our phone line to be transferred back to BT, so then we can order broadband from another supplier and finally escape TalkTalk.

It’s amazed me how dependent we were on having wireless web access throughout the house – once we’re up and running with a new supplier I’ll be able to get the wireless router working once again and life should return to normal.

Update: I’ve been emailed a 30% voucher that may be genuine – download it here (thanks Andy).

Update part 2: A nice man called Richard from Gap has emailed me a voucher for 30% – download it here – given Richard works for Gap I’d recommend you use this one (thanks Richard)

Update part 3: I’ve been exchanging emails with Andy McLellan who is European Customer Relations Manager at Gap (who has been commenting below). He’s clarified a few things:

  • all 60% vouchers are definitely fake
  • either of the 30% vouchers available above are valid
  • anyone presenting a 60% voucher before 2nd December will be given a 30% discount whether or not they have a valid 30% voucher

I’m happy to help Andy spread some facts about the vouchers. He’s tracking this post and its comments, so if you have any questions about the offer that you want to ask someone from Gap, then it may be worth posting a comment here.


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12 Comments on “GAP 60% discount voucher”

  1. i’ve recieved 30 and 60% versions of the above voucher. the 60% version, i think, is a fake. its colours are very dull compared to the 30% version, and the sale period is much longer, encompassing the entire Christmas period – surely Gap aren’t _that_ generous?

  2. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s accepted from the 24th onwards – I did wonder whether it’s genuine!

    There’s definitely some reputational risk for the retailer if fake vouchers like this circulate – how can retailers use technology to validate such vouchers to give consumers confidence in them?

    Otherwise it could all get quite messy when customers try to redeem instore…

  3. We’ve had both vouchers this morning too and I’ve knocked-up a “100% OFF” version too. The girls in the office want that to be true too…. worth trying all 3 in the shops!

  4. the 60% vouchers are a hoax and will not be honoured in any stores. The genuine ones are 30% off from november 24th though December 2nd

  5. Well I called a GAP store today and they told me that the 60 percent voucher was a hoax but the thirty percent voucher would be honoured

  6. Thanks for that – I haven’t had the 30% one, so if someone wants to email it to me, I’ll stick it up here for everyone else! Email address is – thanks. Check post above for links to the 30% one- thanks to Richard and Andy

  7. Has anyone noticed that there is a very lazy piece of design work on the supposedly real 30% voucher? Look at the alignment on the far right hand side…

  8. I understand there is to be another 30%voucher off things at GAP in November how do I get hold of one

  9. Hi I have also heard that there will be another GAP discount voucher that will run from 10 Nov to 16 Nov 08, If anyone does have one, could you please share. It would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you

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