Broadband advice needed

Broadband advice needed

I’ve written before about problems with our broadband supplier, TalkTalk.

Over the weekend our broadband stopped working competely with our 3Com router. The synch light on the router kept flashing, which basically means it can’t connect with TalkTalk’s equipment at the local exchange.

After several long technical support calls TalkTalk “changed some settings” on my line, and I can now connect with the TalkTalk-supplied Speedtouch 330 modem.

However I still can’t get the connection working again with my router, which we need as we need the wireless access throughout the house.

I’ve fiddled with plenty of settings on the router, including the MTU – while I’m not sure exactly what this is, I’ve seen forum posts talking about how this has fixed problems with router access to TalkTalk broadband.

Having spent three evenings fiddling and tinkering, I can get the router to connect (the synch light stays on), but the download speed is so slow it’s useless – the BBC homepage took around 20 minutes to download!

TalkTalk won’t help me as the 3Com router isn’t supplied by them – and they won’t admit to making any changes over the weekend that could have caused a problem with the router set-up.

So it looks like it’s time to look for a new broadband and phone supplier and possibly a new, more modern, router.

What’s important to me is:

  • working connection with a router
  • decent technical support
  • price – for phone and broadband package

I expect I’ll end up paying more than I do now with TalkTalk, but that’s worth it to have a more reliable broadband service – it’s hard to be a consultant and blogger without web access.

Do any UK readers have any advice on broadband suppliers please? Who do you use and who would you avoid?

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