Statistics, research and analysis round-up

Statistics, research and analysis round-up

IBM end of advertising survey results
IBM’s End of Advertising consumer survey gives some interesting statistics on device usage and content preference for five countries: US, UK, Japan, Germany and Australia.

Banner blindness: old and new findings
Jakob Nielsen decides that unethical design pays off when producing web advertising according to his latest eyetracking research.

Creating & Connecting – Online social and educational networking
Research from US National School Boards Association looking at how online social networking is so deeply embedded in the lifestyles of tweens and teens that it rivals television for their attention.

Internet rivals TV as primary media source
Have already linked to the IBM report that this is based on, but Marketing Charts have a really good summary post and set of graphics on the changing consumption of media in several countries.

Quarter of UK?s online population is its richest netizens
A quarter of Britons online come from households with £50+ in annual income, and finance and travel-related sites tend to be those with the greatest concentration of wealthy UK visitors, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

IPA trends in television report – Q2 2007 (UK)
Latest figures show the first year-on-year increase in average daily viewing levels for some time – now reaching 3.46 hours.

The decline of TV and rise of the internet
IBM global consumer research shows balance of power in communications and entertainment has shifted dramatically towards the individual consumer, away from media companies.

Creative destruction: an exploratory look at news on the internet
US research looking at traffic to news websites. Large national newspapers seem to enjoy audience increase on the web, while local newspapers and "traditional" news sources overall are suffering.

Offline channel influence on online behaviour
Two thirds of online searches are driven by offline triggers, and around 40% of these searches lead to online purchases – a good reminder that seeing offline and online marketing in isolation is a big mistake.

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