Social media as a recruitment tool

Social media as a recruitment tool

I’m a bit late to this one, but news comes via Sarah Stimson of Indigo Red’s new approach to recruiting PR people.

VlogYourJob screenshot

The firm has launched VlogYourJob – advertising job vacancies in video format and allowing job hunters to sign-up for RSS feeds to be kept up to date with new jobs.

The site’s looking a bit sparse at the moment, with only a couple of vacancies listed. That said, I think this is an interesting approach to recruitment – given the competition for PR practitioners anything that a recruiting company can do to differentiate itself to potential employees is a good thing.

For job hunting PR types being able to watch video about roles being recruited should give a deeper early insight into the recruiting company, its people and the role. The challenge for recruiting companies is to be able to produce a video that gets over who they are without falling into the many pitfalls of corporate videos (I know it’s not recruitment, but it’s been a year since this one).

I can see real value in having the RSS feeds on the site too, although I’m not so sure how comments might work in this context. Job hunting, recruiting and headhunting are, by nature, quite clandestine, so publicly viewable comments about roles being advertised probably won’t attract too many commenters.

It’ll be interesting to hear how this tool is used alongside the more traditional ways of recruiting staff. I’m sure Sarah and her colleagues will share more about that later on.

For more context Neville Hobson has an interview with Indigo Red boss Steve Mallison-Jones.

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