It's been flat out…

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It’s been almost a fortnight since I last managed to write a blog post – which is pretty much the longest the blog has gone without tending since last Spring.

My days and evenings have been well and truly absorbed by a combination of a big restructure proposal at work, a client website project in the evenings, my CIPR diploma studies and training for a marathon in early September.


My RSS reader is showing just under a thousand unread items. Tonight’s the first time I’ve had to sit down and try to catch up.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed very soon.

[in case you’re wondering, the pic is of me having completed a very hilly 10k road race a couple of weeks ago]

2 Comments on “It's been flat out…”

  1. Do you ever ‘declare feed bankruptcy’? It would be interesting to compare the habits of people who use different types of feed reader (e.g. offline vs online).

  2. Hi Andrew- it’s tempting sometimes, but I do usually catch up without just marking them all as read. I guess I just spend less time doing so, and am less thorough than I would be with a more manageable number of unread items.

    I use a combination of offline and online readers on my laptop, combined with an offline reader on my PDA.

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