Delivering the New PR 2.0 in London


Next Tuesday 5 June the Delivering the New PR 2.0 conference rolls into London.

Delivering the New PR 2.0

I found the first Delivering the New PR conference really interesting and I certainly learnt a lot.

This time around the conference features completely new content from a top notch team of speakers.

Tom Murphy will be setting the scene about how public relations is evolving (I hesitate to write “new” PR, but I know what they mean), while Neville Hobson will be talking about public relations in a virtual world – I’m sure Second Life will be the subject of much discussion as last time, although the most popular virtual world has received much more mainstream coverage than it had late last year.

I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Stuart Bruce’s insight on how to integrate social media into communications strategy. Most PR practitioners will need to be able to use social media as part of a broader, more traditional mix, so being able to integrate new tools effectively is key.

There will also be sessions on measuring and ROI, law and new media as well as a look at social media in the public and voluntary sectors.

A couple of the marketing and PR team from Medway Council are coming along with me – I hope they find it as useful and thought-provoking as I found the first event.

For more information on the event check out the Don’t Panic website – it’s not too late to book your place.

If you’re planning on going to Delivering the New PR do drop me a line – as ever it’s great to be able to meet blog readers face to face.

It’ll also be good to catch up with Neville, Stuart, Andy and Nicky once again – all of whom I met at the first conference having read their blogs/listened to their podcasts for a while.