Improving advertising recall – the Asda bread bell


Asda’s latest TV advertising campaign features comedienne Victoria Wood “training” to be an Asda instore baker. The ads push the fact that in many stores fresh bread is available throughout the day.

Asda logo

A version of the ad is available to view here. There’s also a version playing out at the moment that features Victoria ringing a bell at the end of the ad to let shoppers know that fresh bread is ready.

Victoria Wood - Asda bread advert

Passing Asda earlier today I spotted a series of posters outside the store advertising fresh bread again, and reminding shoppers to listen for the bell.

Now I’m sure that the bell isn’t a vital part of the baking operation, but it strikes me as a good way to achieve advertising recall instore, and most importantly to act as a strong call to action at the point of purchase.

Using an audible call to action will also help achieve standout in the cluttered retail environment where packaging, shelftalkers, showmaterial and poster advertising all fight for attention.

The use of the bell is a clever touch that will improve the effectiveness of the campaign across its touchpoints. The next time I’m working on an integrated campaign I’ll be trying to think of an equivalent to the bread bell that can make the campaign work that bit harder.