Statistics, research and analysis round-up – w/e 20 April 2007

Statistics, research and analysis round-up – w/e 20 April 2007

AOL / Henley Centre Brand New World study
The web is driving changes in brand perception and purchase decisions, both online and offline. It’s also changing the purchase process by making it longer and more complex.
BBC report on tracking web traffic
Two studies cast doubt on the accuracy of cookie-based systems and the effectiveness of page view as a measure of site traffic.
UK search engine stats from Hitwise
Heather Hopkins provides an update on UK search engine traffic.
UK public concerned about security of their data
Survey reveals high levels of identity theft and concern about security of personal data.

McKinsey survey on business use of Web 2.0 technologies

A good insight into how businesses are adopting Web 2.0 tools at a relatively slow rate compared to other new technologies.
Getting started with social media
A good primer on social media, with analysis and statistics as well as a good selection of references.
Best fonts for online reading
A summary of research into how different fonts work on websites.
Facebook numbers
Selection of statistics on social networking site Facebook, from Fastcompany.
Cutting complexity can increase sales – World Business
Analysis that challenges conventional wisdom that cutting product inventory leads to a reduction in sales.
Web 2.0 participation less than expected
It’s generally accepted that only a small fraction of visitors to web 2.0 sites interact, but this research suggests that participation is even lower than previously thought.


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