James Byford and Antony Mayfield have blogged about the Technorati/Ogilvy link-up that was announced last week.
James is probably more troubled by the whole thing than I am. Maybe I’m being oversimplistic in my thinking but this looks to me like a bit of a branding exercise for both parties. Certainly as Antony and Simon Collister noted, Technorati hasn’t shied away from outside investment/partnerships in the past with the Edelman link-up.
The main aspect of the announcement that stands out to me is that much was said in the respective news releases and posts, but it all meant so little. I thought this when I read the initial posts, and Johnnie Moore seems to have been thinking along the same lines.
Johnnie has posted a brilliant critique of some of the copy used in the Technorati/Ogilvy announcements. His post is well worth reading for its analysis of some of the hype and jargon that fills many such announcements.
It’s a worthy warning shot for anyone writing this kind of copy – writing in plain English so people actually know what you mean is so much more powerful than using jargon that disguises your intended meaning. Unless, of course, that’s your intention…