CIPR social media guidelines


With the deadline for responses to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ social media consultation approaching (yes, for those in the UK it’s the same deadline as your tax self-assessments) the guys at GREEN Communications have published their thoughts.

Check out Ian and Simon’s posts for some well considered thinking. Interesting too that Ian’s summary has been adopted by their regional CIPR group.

Simon notes that not many people have commented publicly with their thoughts on this, even among UK public relations bloggers.

Aside from David Phillips (who commented last year when the document was originally published – can’t find the link now though) and the GREEN boys’ thoughts I can’t recall seeing any other bloggers publishing their feedback. I blogged mine earlier this month.

The deadline for your comments is 31 January 2007 (yes, tomorrow) so make the most of the opportunity to get your voice heard. The consultation document is here and explanatory post here.