Marketing and Google Notebook


Google Notebooks logo

Google Notebook is a great little tool – it allows you to clip information you find on the web and store it in a central notebook.

Combined with the browser extension it makes collecting and storing snippets of information from the web very easy. You can publish your notebook to the world as a web page, or just share it with selected collaborators.

Here are just a few ways marketers could take advantage of this tool:

  • Competitor research – clip key information or news stories about your competitors and share it regularly with your team
  • Email marketing – when you get marketing emails that’re really good and worth keeping, clip them to use as a case study in the future (and yes I also do this for the really bad ones too!)
  • Create RSS feeds to share your notes with your colleagues or customers (tip: use a web to RSS tool like Feed43)
  • Keeping a watch – use the notebook search to see what other people are clipping about you or your company

What other ways can you think of for marketers to use Google Notebook?