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The blogosphere is alive with predictions for 2007 – one of the best set I’ve seen is over at Read/Write Web.

A prediction I wholeheartedly agree with is that the use of RSS by consumers and publishers will explode next year. All the ingredients for this now seem to be in place, with as IE7 with its in-built RSS support dominating the Microsoft share of internet browsers.

One such service that has already appeared is the new Edelman/Newsgator launch of Hosted Conversations (covered here and here).

I’m sure this will be one of the first of a slew of new services that close the gap between advertising and social media conversations. There are already a few services that integrate RSS-fed content into more traditional web advertising formats, but Hosted Conversations adds the infrastructure and content moderation that makes this more attractive to big advertisers.

It’ll be interesting to see how the service shows up once it’s live for a real client campaign. I wonder how it will deal with some content owners (bloggers) not wanting their feed content repurposed in this way – and whether content owners will welcome this way of republishing their content.

The service is only available to Edelman clients, although I’m sure over time if it’s a success it’ll be made more generally available.

4 Comments on “RSS and predictions for 2007”

  1. I’m a little hesitant to claim 2007 as the year of RSS. I remember last year people were saying exactly the same. Although the new IE7 does have RSS support it’s still going to be a while before a) regular people use IE7 or Vista and b) they finally figure out why the hell that little orange icon appears when they land on certain ‘websites’.

    I’m just not feeling the uptake of RSS and probably won’t until it’s integrated seamlessly (i.e. without having to think about it) into certain leisure technologies(for example, the TV) as a method of delivering quality content.

    No disrespect to the RRW, it’s a great blog, but I don’t think widgets “exploded” in 2006 either. I really don’t see that many and believe me I’ve visited thousands and thousands of blogs in the last few months.

    2 pence 🙂

  2. Thanks for the commment Stephen.

    I was thinking it’d be interesting to revisit this in 12 months and see how RSS usage did develop – so I went looking for some figures, but on first sight I struggled to find any decent stats on RSS use now.

    I know some services (eg Feedburner) publicise how many feeds they publish, but I was looking for something that was about end users – eg active RSS recipients.

    Any ideas?!

  3. Hi,
    Take a look at, its a different approach to traditional RSS Readers. its RSS Reader with a Social Networking Community based approach. Sounds interesting and I am using it.

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