Jumping on the YouTube bandwagon

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As a communicator who spends a fair proportion of his week working in the public sector, I was quite excited to read this article about Ten Alps launching Public TV – a “YouTube for the public sector”.

But checking out the site I found Public TV is far from a social media play – it’s a collection of videos, but without any social media features to speak of. Where are the:

  • comments
  • tags
  • ratings
  • codes for embedding videos in blogs
  • viewing figures?

Another example of an organisation trying to jump on the social media bandwagon to raise its profile, and not understanding what features make a normal website into a social media property.

4 Comments on “Jumping on the YouTube bandwagon”

  1. well obviously it won’t have viewing figures, comments or ratings yet given that it only launched yesterday!

  2. But it doesn’t even have the facilities for people to add comments or see how many other people have viewed/rated (even if those numbers are very low so far)!

    The site’s missing this kind of basic functionality that would allow social networks to form, so to claim it has the potential to be a YouTube-style social media site is just misleading.

  3. ‘Social networks’ form around kittens, fat men making fools of themselves and anything to do with sex. The kind of content these videos have aren’t the kind of thing a social network builds around. Frankly, all those things would be a complete waste of time on something as niche and granular as public.tv wants to be. I’d suggest that some marketing, PR and digital communications professional who thought that spouting about social networks is ‘cool’ suggested marketing it as YouTubesque.

  4. Jim – I think social networks form around more areas than those – there are good examples of business focussed social networks for example.

    I agree with you that some of things would be wasted on something like public.tv – and yes you’re probably right that someone thought it’d be a good idea to ride the YouTube bandwagon when launching it.

    No offence taken of course! 🙂

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