Around two years ago I published a basic end-user manual for the Textpattern content management system. It’s been downloaded more than 2,000 times since I first released it.
At that time I was using Textpattern for my website and for several client websites. When I made the decision in 2005 to go with Textpattern it was a two-horse race – the other choice being WordPress.
However since then I’ve watched the two systems evolve in different ways. WordPress now offers much more functionality for running a hybrid website/blog, and is far more versatile thanks to a wealth of plug-ins.
So I’ve been moving most of my hosted sites over to WordPress, and now I don’t have any sites running Textpattern.
That’s why I’ve decided to stop upgrading my end-user manual. I’m going to leave it on the site in case anyone still finds it useful (it refers to an old version of Textpattern), but I just don’t have the time to update it properly any more.
If anyone would like to take it on, they’re more than welcome to. Just drop me a line and I’ll happily link over to its new home!