Vodafone going into Second Life

Vodafone going into Second Life

Marketing Week magazine (UK) confirms that global mobile telecoms firm Vodafone will be launching a presence in Second Life by the end of this year.
The company plans to use SL as another channel for its advertising campaign, and also to make its content available in SL as well.
Vodafone’s director of brand strategy and manifestation David Erixon is quoted:

Second Life is an exciting place to be at the moment and allows us to engage with our consumers.

The news was broken earlier this week on 3pointD and Tech Digest, although the Marketing Week story is the first confirmation I’ve seen from Vodafone itself, rather than Rivers Run Red.
I signed up for Second Life a couple of months ago, but haven’t spent more than a couple of hours in there since.
The learning curve is quite steep, and it’s not the kind of thing I’d naturally do (I’m not a gamer). However I feel I ought to try to get a decent understanding of how Second Life works, as like it or not it’s a place that a communicator needs to understand and be able to incorporate into a communications mix.


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