PR 2.0 essentials – a necessarily living document


Hot on the heels of the social media press release template, the folks over at Shift Communications have published a superb guide to the basics of PR in the social media world.

It’s a downloadable free PDF that sets out very clearly the basic tools that are available today to public relations professionals working with social media. At Todd says in his post there won’t be much there for people who know the space, but the real value in the document is as a primer for those people/organisations who don’t know about social media.

For many public relations teams social media is an unknown. They’ve probably heard of blogging, but wouldn’t have the first idea what else is available or more importantly how to integrate it into their overall mix of activity.

The guide doesn’t give them all the answers, but provides links to lots of other useful resources that will help find them.

Credit to Todd and the Shift team for putting this together and making it available publicly for free, in the true spirit of social media.