Keeping it short and simple


Inspired by a fairly old post on 37signals I’ve been thinking again about my site, and how it’s structured.

Since I started it some three years ago, it’s been growing in size, without any real thought about how it should be structured. Even though I have a reasonable grounding in information architecture, I now see I’ve fallen into the trap of having too many pages, and too little of any substance or purpose to say on them.

So, starting now I’m rationalising and rewriting.

Over the coming weeks pages will disappear, especially in the services section, and hopefully some very old and tired copy will reappear as sparking, tight and to the point words. Useful hints come from Matt Weston at who has made some spot on observations about writing (generally and for the web).

I’ll also be taking the opportunity to add some nice little features to the site, and tweak the design, including tidying up those messy submenus (if they’re still needed!).

Here goes…hold onto your hats