Getting into word of mouth marketing

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In most marketing environments I’ve worked in, I’ve always known that word of mouth marketing is the most effective marketing tool around, yet one of the hardest to manage and monitor.

I was interested to see some research published about word of mouth marketing by Boldmouth and Osterman Research.

I’m always a bit cynical reading research commissioned by an agency or organisation which specialises in a particular area. However, once you’ve cut through this, the Boldmouth/Osterman research carries some really useful insights into word of mouth marketing.

You can download the full pdf at the Boldmouth website, or for some highlights check out the news release.

One Comment on “Getting into word of mouth marketing”

  1. Simon, Thanks for taking time to review the study, and to share your observations. And, I completely agree with your experience with “commissioned” works.

    I think most of these case studies are just fluff and bullshit.

    I really worked hard to create something that was valuable and useful to organizations that are thinking about word-of-mouth marketing. I even reached out to 45 experts, authors, researchers, and organizations in the space to gain their feedback and insight. Their contributions helped to ensure that we stayed focused on delivering tips and techniques. Since publishing almost 2 weeks ago we’ve already had nearly 9,000 downloads. It’s been a blast to come into the office every morning and see the counts.

    Thanks for spreading the word.

    Todd Tweedy

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