Version 1.0
January 2007

Terms of use:

1. All information provided “as is,” with no warranty or guarantee of accuracy.
2. Commenting is open to every visitor – just type in your comments in a post, fill in the your details (name, email address and website) and click the submit button.
3. If you are a first-time commenter, your comment will go into a moderation queue which waits for me to approve or deny comments. Once you have been approved, you will be able to leave comments without moderation.
4. This site uses Akismet, an automated system that monitors every single comment, trackback and pingback and will stop any inbound activity it regards as spam.
5. I do not employ any censorship, unreasonable IP address blocking or comment-deny practices.
6. The right to engage in a conversation on my site comes with a clear responsibility to respect the opinions of others, even if you disagree; and engage in discussion in a manner that does not provoke offence, anger, hatred, abuse or any other anti-social behaviour that reasonable people would regard as unacceptable. I will delete comments that, in my sole opinion, I consider do not meet these responsibilities.
7. By leaving a comment in this site, you warrant that the information in your comment does not infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights nor breaks any laws.
8. I will not allow comments, trackbacks or pingbacks here from people who are spammers, trolls, run splogs or who, in my sole opinion, could create a negative effect for my site and its community.

My commitment to you:

1. Everything I publish here is written or produced in good faith
2. I always try to check facts that I mention in posts, especially where I’ve quoted from or referenced another source
3. If I learn that something I’ve published is inaccurate or wrong, I will promptly correct the mistake via a further post and/or with corrective editing of the post concerned.
4. I will always give appropriate attribution to weblogs, websites and other sources I reference in my posts.
5. I respect the intellectual property rights of other people and organisations and will never knowingly use anyone else’s content in my site without their permission.
6. When comments, trackbacks and pingbacks are waiting for moderation, I will approve or deny them as soon as practically possible.
7. I will respect your right to privacy by not sharing your email address or any other personally-identifiable information with anyone. The information you provide is used only for the specific purpose of our being in touch.
8. I may update, add to, edit or otherwise change these terms of use at any time. If I do, I will make it clear that the text is different to what was here before via the version number at the top of this page.

These terms have been produced with approval based on original content from Neville Hobson – thanks Neville. (

Simon Wakeman
19 January 2007