Statistics, research and analysis round-up – w/e 13 July 2007

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PR industry’s adoption of social media
Good white paper on how the PR industry is shaping up to the challenges of social media and finding new competition a challenge in that space.

Marketing Pilgrim Essays
A free e-book with insights on search engine optimization, pay-per-click management and social media marketing.

Ninety per cent of marketers want to launch social media projects
Survey from Lewis PR shows enthusiasm for social media also shows a fair amount of reluctance among marketers too. [The survey’s press release is in the news section of the Lewis PR website, but it’s a nasty flash site so I can’t link to the release itself]

Participation in US social media
Good visual from BusinessWeek, based on Forrester‘s data, looking at who’s using which social media tool in the US.

Pew/Internet home broadband adoption statistics for US
47% of US adults have high-speed internet connections at home.

UK attitudes to mobile advertising
Looks at different types of mobile advertising tools and their effectiveness with different customer groups.

People want expert-generated content
Web users are turning back to experts they can trust in the face of untrustworthy user-generated content. Not convinced on this one – people place trust in bloggers (they know), not just blogs generally.

Virtual worlds not just for grown-ups
Report from ClickZ on the growth of virtual worlds tailored to younger audiences.

Find more statistics, research and analysis here.

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