Content Partner Marketing Manager
March 2000 to May 2001

I joined Open in March 2001 as Content Partner Marketing Manager. In this role I managed the marketing relationships with retailers and financial service providers who ran services on the Open platform. I was also responsible for recruiting and developing new Marketing Managers in the Content Partner marketing team.

Working with eleven Content Partners I facilitated the development of joint strategies and activities to drive customer activation and sales via the Open platform. I was responsible for developing marketing activities including TV, press campaigns, interactive television services and adverts, e-commerce marketing and DM.

In this role I had extensive opportunities to develop my operational marketing skills. In particular the role demanded skills in copywriting, proof reading and direct mail/catalogue production. I also briefed and managed agencies who were involved in the development of Open marketing activity.

I also developed systems for evaluating the effectiveness of Open marketing activity. This included managing the development of an integrated campaign management and evaluation tool to handle the extensive promotional media that we developed on the Open platform.

Working at Open gave me a good understanding of the development of a complete business from start-up. It also gave me experience and understanding of a wide range of customer marketing channels both offline and online. I developed strong relationship management skills through managing relationships with eleven Content Partners on the Open platform. I also valued the exposure that I gained to many different client sectors from High Street retailers and financial institutions, through to dotcom start-ups.

In 2001 Open… was acquired by BSkyB and eventually became the Sky Active service available to all Sky subscribers through their set-top boxes today.

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